Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism

for Accelerators

United States Particle Accelerator School, January 25 - February 5, 2016

Course description and materials

This is a course on selected topics in classical mechanics and electrodynamics applied to important topics in accelerator physics. Electron rings will be the main example for a significant portion of the course, but the topics and methods apply more generally.

If you are wondering what to do to prepare for the class, the best thing would be to review special relativity, especially Lorentz transformations. Some of this is covered in the 3rd section of the supplementary notes, available below. This would be a good thing to look over during the weekend in the middle of the course as well.

Looking over the slides will also be helpful, they are labelled by the day when the topics will be covered. Here is a rough outline of what will becovered:

Files to be downloaded

Course schedule and homeworks. This is subject to change, but the first 2 days will be fixed.

Main lecture notes, from Gennady Stupakov, 2011 USPAS class

Corrections to 2011 lecture notes

A summary of all homework problems from the 2011 lecture notes

Additional homework problems

Supplementary notes for lectures, which include the following topics:

Slides that will form the bulk of the lectures (these will continue to be updated)

RF Longitudinal dynamics, from Jeff Eldred's thesis

Jeff Eldred's slides from the afternoon sessions:

Selected papers:

Homework solutions, complete

Link to web applet for viewing retarded fields, Davidson College.

Textbook, to be used mostly for reference: "Classical Dynamics: A Contemporary Approach", J.V. José and E.J. Saletan.

Last updated, 3 Feb 2016